Why Choose San Diego Legal and Real Estate Services?

You will potentially save thousands of dollars by utilizing our services.  In most cases, we can prepare all of your divorce documents for on low flat rate compared with hiring an attorney.

Are you a paralegal company?

Lori Shannon is a trained and experienced paralegal with advanced certification from the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

What services are provided?

We will prepare all legal documents from beginning to the end of your case for one flat low rate.  Click on the link below to see the many different services we can provide.

What if I need mediation?

Mediation services are available for parties who cannot reach a settlement agreement on their own.

Are you attorneys?

No, we are not attorneys and can only prepare documents for parties upon their specific direction.  We cannot give legal advice, but can provide information to assist you in making the best decision.

Do you file the documents with the court for me?

We can file the documents with the court for you after they are reviewed and signed. Please see our fee schedule.

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How long does a divorce take?

In the state of California, divorce takes six (6) months to complete.  However, you may complete all of your paperwork well before the six (6) months, it will not be final until after the six (6) months are up.

Do you serve the other party for me?

The other party has the option to acknowledge receipt of the documents or they can be personally served.  We do not serve the other party on your behalf.

Do you go to court with me and speak to the judge for me?

No, you are representing yourself and we cannot go to court with you.  In many cases, you will not be required to go before the judge at all.  If you need a referral to an attorney, one will be provided to you.

*We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.  We can  provide legal document assistance at your specific request.